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Indore’s leading software development institute aims to upskill software developers to transform their careers at scale with personalized courses in MERN, React.js & Node.js.

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Fun friday

Fun Friday at CodersID Indore
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CodersID fun Friday activities helps get our frustrations out of the way so we can focus on learning without getting frustrated or feeling like we’re not making progress. We at CodersID focus on the importance of team building & boost confidence in every student. The only way to do that is by meeting and chatting with your team mates…

How Student Feels the Difference
after Joining CodersID

How Student Feels the Difference after Joining CodersID
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When we first started the CodersID, we found that many students weren’t getting practical knowledge and soft skills training in languages like React.js, node.js and MERN. Students feel a difference after joining CodersID because they are now able to focus on practical knowledge and can be independent when obtaining the skills necessary for a job…

How Many Projects Have You Done During Course

How Many Projects Have You Done During Course
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A strong foundation in web development is the key to a successful career in the industry. Coding is becoming a very important skill in the job market. Our personalized course taught by industry professionals and beginners can start from any level. Additionally, students can build project independently and learn practical knowledge in React.js, Node.js & MERN stack…

What Students Like about CodersID?

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CodersID Institute is the leading software development institute in Indore with a difference. It offers courses for all levels, from beginners to professionals.
We have been around for over 10 years, and it’s the first institute in the city that is fully focused on practical learning and soft skills training with 100% job placements…