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Top 10 Free Coding Games To Level Up Your Coding Skills

free coding games

We bet you must have heard about “Practice Makes You Perfect.” But who said the practice has to be boring? Did you know you could level up your coding skills by playing games? And, if you are searching for free coding games, we have got you covered.

There’s a wide variety of coding games available in the market. And the best thing is you don’t need to be a graduate with a computer degree to play. So, whether you are a blossoming coder or a pro looking to rev up your coding skills, we have compiled the list of the best coding game apps so you can practice and learn like a pro.

Best 10 Free Coding Games To Learn Coding

Take a look at our personal favorite games that can teach you how to code.

10 free coding games 

Code Combat

On this website, older students and children may learn Python, JS, CoffeeScript, or C++ programming while engaging in a straightforward online game. You can save your progress by creating a user account, but you may also play without doing so. You must enter the codes that the game provides in order to finish a level. You can choose the programming language you want to learn before the game begins, and that is all it takes to get going.


Using this platform, you may assemble simple instructions into animations or video games. In order to facilitate the development of software, code is split into categories such as motion, sound, operations, variables, and other sorts of instructions. You’ll eventually develop the ability to organize blocks beautifully, just as writers for paper writing services firms get skilled at selecting the best possible word placement. With an easy interface and interactive learning, this is one of the best free coding games to go for.

Code Monster

To learn how to program in JavaScript, adhere to Code Monster’s instructions. With the help of this platform, anyone of any age may quickly learn how to code. The interface is simple, with just the animated Code Monster and two squares—one for the actual code and the other for instantly showing the outcomes of your coding efforts.

Blockly Games 

This is a platform that is free to use and uses a variety of games to teach JS coding. Each game requires you to employ code blocks and arrange them in the proper order. This is one of the most innovative ways to teach kids JavaScript because when the blocks are arranged correctly, a popup window emerges and displays the script, allowing you to understand how the code is written.


One of the most outstanding options for children because of its extensive collection of games, puzzles, and animations, all of which were created with the intention of instructing a new expert game, app, or website creator. Three competence levels are available on this platform, which is fantastic for those of you who want to advance without having to use a different learning environment.


An intuitive and information-rich platform that provides a range of jobs allows you to build the abilities required to work as a full-stack web developer. You begin by studying the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Java, but as you advance, jobs start combining two or three different languages, and your mission objectives get more complicated. 

One of the most well-known programming learning resources that enable users of all ages to sign up for a free account and begin studying the fundamentals of software development. You can work on a range of projects, including video games, applications, and computer animations. The assignments and courses are divided according to your level of coding skill, making it ideal for individuals with no previous experience with programming.


Through a turn-based game on this website, you may learn a dozen different programming languages. To accomplish your objective, you decide on the language you want to learn and begin adding the necessary bits of code. You can review your work as many times as you like; after receiving a favorable result, you can submit your response and concentrate on the following job.


With CodeMonkey, learning the fundamentals of Python is as simple as directing a monkey over a series of hurdles by adding various commands. By clicking a special instruction button at the bottom of the screen or by inputting the commands on the right side of the screen, you may add lines of code.

Flexbox Froggy

You can learn CSS Flexbox by putting the frogs on the appropriate lily pads in the game Flexbox Froggy. When you complete level 24, you need to feel confident utilizing Flexbox in your subsequent project.

The Flexbox characteristics are described in each task. The initial difficulties are straightforward, but things grow trickier as you advance in the game.

How To Learn Coding Faster? 

How to learn coding faster

“How do I learn to code quickly and have a career as a programmer?” is one of the most frequent and fundamental queries from students or anybody wanting to learn code. Whether you are a student, a new employee, or an experienced individual looking to change careers, you will undoubtedly look for tips and methods to help you learn programming fast and efficiently. Programmer jobs are among the highest-paying positions available, in addition to being the most exciting ones. The only thing needed is commitment, enthusiasm, and curiosity; it’s not an overnight journey, but it’s also not as challenging as many imagine.

So, bet it through a game or an online tool; here are three easy tips you can follow to become a pro at coding.

Define Your Goals 

A typical error made by beginners or students studying programming is bypassing the foundational material or chapter 1 and going immediately to the next one. You must be extremely clear on the basics of programming in order to comprehend the more complex ideas. If you continue to make the same error, you will eventually become quite confused and need to go back to the beginning. These essentials include tools, text editors, data structures, variables, control structures, and syntax. Choose one programming language when you initially start out, stick with it, and master all the fundamentals before moving on to the next level.

Focus On Practice 

Beginners sometimes make the error of simply reading a book or studying the example code on their desktop without actually doing what they are learning. Although reading about loops and variables makes it simple to remember everything, this is not how programming actually operates. You must truly get your hands filthy with coding and continue to practice it frequently. When you first get into computer programming, you might face a lot of issues and might find yourself stuck. You’ll be required to put the code into practice and figure out a specific issue, and you’ll be left scratching your brain while you do so.

Get Practical 

The majority of the time, when you apply for programming employment, the technical assessment process will involve writing hand-written code. Pen and paper or a whiteboard may be required for you to write code, depending on the situation. Even though hand-coding is a dated practice, it really entails a test of a programmer’s skill. You may gain a thorough comprehension of grammar and algorithms by manually coding; you also strengthen the connections in your brain. This method of programming education will help future job efficiency.

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