How Many Projects Have You Done During Course​

Learn Code With Fun!! Yes you hear us right.
Project Done During Course By Students
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A strong foundation in web development is the key to a successful career in the industry. Coding is becoming a very important skill in the job market. Our personalized course taught by industry professionals and beginners can start from any level. Additionally, students can build project independently and learn practical knowledge in React.js, Node.js & MERN stack.

Why We Focus On Practical Learning?

Learning is a process. In order to be successful in life, one must learn how to learn. This means that they should focus on practical learning, not academic learning. Practical learning will help them find a job and get the salary they deserve.

What types of project our students worked independently?

CodersID is revolutionizing the coding education and it has been a turning point for the industry. As the need for programmers is increasing, the number of students who are interested in learning coding is also growing.

CodersID has been successful by allowing anyone to learn how to code in a short amount of time. Did you know that students at CodersID build a application within a week? Yes. It’s a unbelievable. But that’s our aim to provide student a short course with practical learning’s, so that they are confident enough to build a project on their own and get a job to fulfil their dreams.

Our students have been working on various types of projects such as ecommerce application, review rating app and blog application.

Some of these projects were:

  • An eCommerce application that helps people finds the best deals on the internet.
  • A review rating app that helps people rate restaurants.
  • A blog application that allows people to share their thoughts and opinions with others.

What our students are saying?

We asked our students about their thoughts on programming courses, and the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Some students stated that they enjoyed the challenge of learning how to code and wanted to continue learning more as they grew. Some people are able to train for a few weeks and get offered a job. They also gain enough confidence for interviews & other skills development endeavours. They also liked how programming was a skill that could be applied to many different areas.

Some students are sceptical about the value of taking programming courses. They believe that they don’t need to take a course to learn coding. But when they do, they find that it’s actually a lot easier than they thought.

Some students find it hard to get into the mind-set of programming and coding because they’re not used to thinking in terms of algorithms and logic. But once you get into the mindset, you’ll find that programming is easy and fun!