How Student Feels the Difference after Joining CodersID

Why Join CodersID
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When we first started the CodersID, we found that many students weren’t getting practical knowledge and soft skills training in languages like React.js, Node.js, and MERN full stack. Students feel a difference after joining CodersID because they are now able to focus on practical knowledge and can be independent when obtaining the skills necessary for a job.

Students who join in CodersID gain the skills they need to feel different with a smooth transition into a career. Students learn soft skills such as how to code, interview skill, and work on big projects.

On the other hand, students are also given practical plus soft skills training during their time in CodersID. The more students develop these soft skills, the more they are allowed to be creative with their coding work.

CodersID believe that “the world will change if you teach unspecialized people how to code.

What is the Difference Between CodersID and Other Institutes?

Difference between codersID and other Institutes? It’s not easy to differentiate them since most of them offer similar courses and programs that could get confusing for students. Let us break it down for you.

Students feel different when they start at learning at CodersID because it’s an intense environment where people work on challenging software projects and gain highly-valued real-world experience along with a variety of critical soft skills, making them more marketable in their future job search.

We allows students to have an immediate reaction to what they are learning by building apps and websites that they can use during the process.

Why Students Choose CodersID?

CodersID is a company that offers coding training and job placement to students. Students choose CodersID for various reasons. Here are the top five reasons why students choose CodersID.

1. Soft skills focused: Students who want to learn programming or need help in improving their soft skills will find the courses offered by CodersID helpful.

2. Interview preparation: It is beneficial for students to prepare for interview in advance and gain experience in using the application they wish to work with later on their career path.

3. Live project training: Students can get hands-on experience working on brand new software and learn how it works at an early stage of development without investing time and effort into building one themselves from scratch, which saves time and money as well as being more suitable for professional development purposes. 4. Long hours: With 8 hours of lessons per day, students can learn everything they need to know in a shorter time frame while.

4. Certification: At the end of each course, students can sit for a certification exam and earn their certificate.

5. 100% Placement: All students are guaranteed the opportunity to get a job immediately after completing the course with no questions asked.