Welcome to your Node Test Level 5

Q1. What is a Collection in Postman?

Q2. Which of the following statement is correct?

Q3. Which of the following types of applications can be built using Node.js?

Q4. When is the object created with a new keyword?

Q5. What is need for JWT?

Q6. Which of the following HTTP Status code means CREATED, when a resource is successful created using POST or PUT request?

Q7. Fined the oddly matched HTTP status codes.

Q8. MongoDB stores documents in ___.

Q9. The Node.js modules can be exposed using

Q10. Which statement executes the code of sample.js file?

Q11. Which of the following is not an OOPS concept?

Q12. Which feature of OOPS described the reusability of code?

Q12. How modules in Node.js can be connected from one component to another ?

Q13. Which of the below options is correct about package.json in the node.js application?