Welcome to your React Test Level 2

Q1. What is meant by an empty tag in HTML?

Q2. The correct sequence of HTML tags for starting a webpage is -

Q3. Which HTML element is used to define description data?

Q4. Which of the following properties is used to change the font of text?

Q5. Which property is used to set border colors in HTML?

Q6. How to create a database in mongodb?

Q7. What are the properties of block-level elements?

Q8. In the below code snippet, in what order will the margins be added?

p { margin: 25px 50px 75px 100px; }

Q9. Can negative values be allowed in padding property?

Q10. What is the correct syntax for referring an external CSS?

Q11. Which of the following is the correct way to select all h1 headers in a div element?

Q12. We can make rounded borders around elements using which CSS element?

Q13. Which of the following CSS selectors are used to specify a group of elements?

Q14. If we don't want to allow a floating div to the left side of an element, which css property will we use ?

Q15. Can we align a Block element by setting the left and right margins ?

Q16. If we want to use a nice looking green dotted border around an image, which css property will we use?

Q17. When we write < img src="img.png" >, what "img.png" inside double quote implies?