Welcome to your React Test Level 5

Q1. Which of the following Overflow property value is described by scrollbars should be provided if the content is too big, but actual implementation is left up to the browser?

Q2. Which of the following is not the value for an unordered list?

Q3. Which is not a box-level element?

Q4. The default value for the float property is right. State true or false.

Q5. Identify the one which is used to pass data to components from outside

Q6. Identify the smallest building block of React.JS.

Q7. How many elements can a valid react component return?

Q8. Which operator is known as the equality operator, which checks whether its two operators are "equal"?

Q9. Actions and states are held together by a function called?

Q10. The _______ notifies the view by executing their callback functions