How to Craft a Tech Resume for a Career Change

How to Craft a Tech Resume for a Career Change

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Effective Ways to Write a Resume for a Career Change


Add Good Elements In Technical Resume

Write Effective Resume Objective

Build a portfolio and Github

Find and Showcase Transferable Skills

Include a skills summary








Showcase Extracurriculars

Build Your Professional Presence

How To Make A Resume That Stands Out

The sections in a good resume are: 1) Contact Information 2) Education 3) Work Experience 4) Skills & Abilities 5) Projects 6) Professional Development Activities 7) Additional Skills & Abilities 8) References 9) Personal Details

Popular websites to Design Resumes in India

1) Kickresume  2) FlowCV 3) VisualCV 4) ResumeGenius 5) JobGrin 6) ResumeNerd 7) ResumeLab

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